3 Benefits of Using a Denture Brush

3 Benefits of Using a Denture Brush

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If you have recently gotten dentures, you are probably feeling a range of emotions. You are likely thrilled with your beautiful new smile, but also worried about how to keep your new teeth looking and smelling their best. Fortunately, using the right tools makes it easy. Though it is not required, a denture brush can be an extremely helpful tool.

What Is a Denture Brush?

A denture brush is a specially designed toothbrush that is crafted to clean dentures. Each side has two different heads: a flat head to clean the smooth surfaces and a single-tuft head with tapered bristles for cleaning the teeth and artificial gums. Look for a denture brush with an ergonomic handle and textured grip, and make sure it fits comfortably in your hand. Cleaning dentures can take a while, especially when you are learning, so the denture brush must be easy for you to manage.

Advantages of a Denture Brush

A major advantage of a denture brush is that it has very soft bristles. Both acrylic and porcelain are prone to scratching, and scratches allow food particles and debris to settle in, making it harder and harder to fully clean the denture. The very soft bristles of a denture brush will not scratch the denture, keeping the material smooth and easy to clean.

Another advantage is the single-tuft head. It is uniquely designed to reach the crevices around the artificial teeth and gums. This prevents bacteria and food debris from accumulating, further improving your oral hygiene.

Disadvantages of a Denture Brush

While dentures are custom crafted, denture brushes are not. This means that not every denture brush works well with every denture. You might need to try a few models before you find one that “fits” with your denture. It is even possible that you will be unable to find the right denture brush at all.

In this case, you can switch to a denture bath that is approved by the American Dental Association (ADA). Tablets and cleaning solutions are readily available in any drugstore. You will need to soak the denture according to the manufacturer’s instructions (generally overnight) and rinse for a full minute before placing the denture in your mouth to remove chemical residue.

A denture brush is not considered an essential piece of equipment for denture wearers. Some people prefer denture baths, while others achieve excellent results with a soft toothbrush. For many people, though, a denture brush is a highly useful tool that makes it far easier to achieve excellent oral hygiene.

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